The World Is Getting a New Juan Gabriel Bilingual Podcast

AppleTV+ and Futuro Studios will launch 'My Divo' on July 1

It’s been a challenging few years for the original podcasting space and even more so for independent podcast companies focusing on Latino communities. Yet, as with anything, there is always hope that our stories matter and deserve to be told on high-profile platforms.

When we see those moments of hope, The Latino Newsletter will take a moment to acknowledge the great news.

This Monday morning, The Hollywood Reporter announced in an exclusive story that AppleTV+ will launch a new bilingual podcast series on July 1 about the legendary Juan Gabriel. Called MY DIVO and hosted the fabulous María García (my former Futuro Media colleague of ANYTHING FOR SELENA fame), the series is produced by Futuro Studios.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will feature García as “she goes back to her hometown roots and looks at his legacy while trying to reconcile with her own identity and reexamine the similarities within their Mexican heritage. The eight-part series will also explore Gabriel’s personal life and public persona, offering new details about his life, including how his sexuality was perceived and the impact it had on his career.”

Here are the trailers, both in English and Spanish:

On Monday, Apple also shared the official press release about the podcast.

From 2019-2023, I headed up the new business efforts for Futuro Studios, and I was honored to watch the team work so hard to make this happen. In short, this was a journey, and the AppleTV+ team was a great partner. I am happy to have been a part of the initial journey.

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What We’re Reading

Young Latinos and HIV: On Monday, The Associated Press published a story about how Latinos “are experiencing a disproportionate number of new infections and diagnoses across the U.S., with diagnosis rates highest in the Southeast. Public health officials in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, and Shelby County, Tennessee.” (Story here.)

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